hormones and mental health

Menopausal Psychosis

Estrogen in the Fight Against Schizophrenia Science Daily (Jan. 20, 2010) — Many American women are prescribed estrogen to combat the negative effects of menopause, such as bone loss and mood swings. Now, new evidence from a Tel Aviv University study suggests that hormone replacement therapy might also protect them — and younger women — […]

Menopause and Bipolar Disorder

Menopause and Bipolar Disorder   Fluctuating hormones during menopause can worsen bipolar symptoms. A woman with bipolar disorder may experience a double whammy during a  profound time in life — menopause The Estrogen Effect “Unfortunately, menopause can exacerbate bipolar disorder,” says Ahsan Y Khan, MD, professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the […]

Last Summer!!

A lot of changes happened to me last year around the spring and then it kept going all through the summer and fall. It started with a lot of good changes in my thinking and clearing of my mind and heart. I guess I started caring more about myself and I began exercising every day. […]