Womens Liberation Movement

I don’t post in this blog very often but I think this is my random rant place lol. I already rambled through my opinion on someone elses blog whose’ subject was feminism. I am a woman. I am 46 yrs old, so I wasn’t among the women who felt they were suffering which brought on the […]

Sense of humor

  I wonder what kind of sense of humor I have, or even if I do have one. Off the top of my head I can think of a few things that I definitely do find funny.          There are some other things that I find funny, entertaining, amusing and     […]


My first post!!

I have a small house I rent in Kentucky. I hate Kentucky but I have lived in this house for almost eleven years. I rent it now but if I manage to still be here after fifteen years. I can buy it through special financing. I am disabled, and draw social security benefits. Before you […]