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about me:

I am a 46 yr old woman. I married at 19 back in 1985 and that lasted about eight years. I never married again. If you want to know my life story, that is another blog. This blog started out to be for ranting but My primary blog I use the most doesn’t want to hear about female things. They call it TMI. Well I am bad for that lol.

I had a meltdown about fifteen years ago and haven’t been the same. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II and have been on medication since. Of course that affected my weight in a big way! Up until then, I never gave a second thought to my body. It was just normal. But after that first round of medicine I gained til I weighed 265 lbs. So these last several years I have been working on trying to keep the weight off and take a little medicine as I can.

I know 46 is early for menopause. I have had a lot of strange things happen over the past year. I’d like to share them and hopefully you will want to comment and share also.

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