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Further testing…

Yesterday was my appointment for more diagnostic testing concerning my abnormal mammogram.  At my appointment, the first thing that  I had to do was undress and wait in the little waiting room.  They called me back and gave me a more diagnostic mammogram.  She took a lot of  pictures of my left breast and it seemed like she was having trouble finding the mass.  This made me think that maybe I would have the same thing happen to me as happened to my mother the previous day in her appointment for more testing from her abnormal mammogram. They took picks of her and then came out and said whatever the first mammogram found the week before was not there anymore.  But instead another woman came and had me follow her to do an ultrasound.  The screen was turned so that I could see it.  As she rolled the thing around I could feel that it hurt in a certain place. I looked at the screen and I saw the mass!  It was black and round. A little bit larger that a quarter in size.  My heart sank.  She finished up and ask me to wait right outside.

Finally another woman came up and asked me to go to her office.  The sign said “Counseling room”.  I was so nervous and thought  I would cry. She asked me how I was and I answered with “very nervous right now”.  Then she looked back at me while we were entering the room and winked at me and said “you’re fine!”.  I finally could breath!  She told me that the mass was just a cyst in my breast and that it will dissolve on its own eventually. Yay!!!

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