Mammogram results

Well, I got a call from Linda, the woman who did my mammogram the other day. It was not good news.  She said that the Doctor found an  asymmetrical dense mass in my left breast.  Now, I researched it and this could be a lot of things. One thing in particular is that since am one HRT, the progesterone has a side effect of causing tender breasts and dense spots. My breasts have been tender since I started on those pills. So, I am hoping that this is the only problem. It seemed to say in the places I read, that having these dense spots made the chances of breast cancer greater. But I could have misread it.  Any who, I will update after I have more tests done on October 17th.

2 comments on “Mammogram results

  1. Hopefully you’ll find that this is the case and the HRT is the cause of it and not an underlying problem. I sincerely wish I could do something for you but I am praying that it works out.

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