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Wednesday, I had my second ever mammogram. I had my first one at around age 40. Now 6 years later, they unfortunately aren’t much different. At least where I went. It was noticeable less uncomfortable however, that the previous one.

I mentioned to the tech doing it that it would seem that after all this time and with such progression in science and technology, they could have come up with something less intrusive. I mean we can have our whole body MRI’d and find so many things. Why still the boob crush to see inside better? She informed me that there were some great improvement coming soon.

I am not sure how often the medical field recommends having mammograms.  I know that I had a really health conscious aunt who ate really healthy, kept up on her vitamins and did all the right things. She and my uncle made it a lifestyle to keep everything checked up and religiously kept up and maintained yearly screening.

My aunt got regula yearly mammograms for thirty years straight. She didn’t smoke, take birth control, drink, or do anything that would have made her a candidate for breast cancer. But in fact the cancer did come on her quite swiftly. She had them removed but by that time cancer had spread in to her bones and other organs. She had an awful last couple of years. She died not more than a year ago.

This was a shock to the family knowing how health conscious she had always stayed. The question some of us had been did she have too many scans? 30 mammograms in her life? Was that too much? I am sure we will never know for sure.

I am the kind of person who tends to do things in moderation. So, I have decided at this point, that I will have a mammogram every five years. That is of course if my mammogram from the other day comes back clear.

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