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Update on HRT

I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. Preston, my gyn, yesterday. She said that she could tell a big difference in my mood and how much happier I seemed. It is true. The hormones have affected my mood in a really positive way. I am not miserable anymore. I only have a hot flash every once in a great while. But when I do have one, it is pretty bad. But over all, I have been sleeping better, feeling more healthy and “normal” since starting on the Progesterone pills and the Vivelle Dots of Estrogen.
I told her that the Progesterone pills that I was to take for the first 10 days of the month really helped me with my energy and my motivation. She said that most women complain that it makes them too sleepy. lol, it is the opposite for me.
She and I decided that I would start taking it all month instead of the ten days. But it would be only 100 mgs instead of 200 mgs. I asked her if she thought that I was really in menopause and sh looked at me strange and said “yeah, you are well into it and I think that by the beginning of next year, you can say that you have completed menopause. That will make it a full year without a cycle. She said the spotting at the first couple of months didn’t count.
But I asked how long then would I have to stay on the hormones, and she said that I could decide that for myself. She said that after a year, if I wanted, I could go off of them and just see how well I did. But if I felt like my hormones hadn’t straightened out I could just start them again.
I do not want to stay on them any longer than need be for sure. I don’t want to be at risk anymore than I probably am now. I also scheduled a mammogram for next week. I haven’t had one of them in quite a while. I was telling her that I don’t understand why that with all of the technology of today with the MRI’s and ways to look inside the body, that we still had to have our boobs smashed together so badly for the mammogram to work lol. She says that is something that will be coming a long soon!

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