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Memory loss



I am trying to figure out if my really bad sort memory loss from aging or from having taken so many psychological medications. It’s so bad my dog has to get my attention and point out that I have water boiling over on the stove. lol

I can watch reruns of my favorite shows over and over and I swear they seem brand new to me. Usually one scene will jog my memory that I had seen it. But I still watch because I have no idea what happened and how it ends.

I loved “House” and now it is over. It is kind of nice to watch the reruns and feel like they are brand new episodes lol.

The other day my mother mentioned that we used to have another Lab and that he was a black lab. I thought she was crazy! If I had a dog like that then I sure wouldn’t totally forget it existed! But slowly I remembered bits and pieces about how we gave her to  some friends and I remembered his name but I still do not remember a single thing about him actually living here.

It is really kind of scary. I have to laugh about it to keep from weirding out over it. It’s getting to where I can’t remember things about my kids growing up. I hate it when they start talking about something from childhood and I don’t have a clue. I will ask “where was I then?” and they laugh and tell me I was right there lol.

If it is just from past medications, I hope it goes back to normal. If it is just part of aging, then I am in trouble!

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