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an Update;

Well now that I have gotten well into my hormone therapy, I find that it has made me a new person!  I use an estrogen patch every day (change it every 31/2 days. Also I started my Progesterone pills (200 mgs a day for first 10 days of the month) and I really like the way I feel while I take them.  I haven’t even spotted since a few times right after the Endometrial Ablation.  Looking back, I realize I was trying to stop having periods since January . Well last summer remember I started noticing a bigger and bigger stretch of time between periods. Also I felt young and better than I had felt in so long. Then Starting in December, I began heavy bleeding  for like two weeks on and two weeks off, the second week off was PMS for the next week. That went on into January of 2012. Early February I saw the gyn. Which I had stopped bleeding at the point of the visit, but thought it would come back again soon. They gave me the depo provera shot. Even though I didn’t need birth control because it is supposed to keep you from bleeding for about three months. Firstly, it made me start gaining weight instantly. Instead if it keeping me from bleeding for 3 months, I started spotting at 6 weeks on it. Now the bleeding in the winter and the spotting thereafter was accompanied by severe pain. More pain than I had ever encountered in all my years of periods. I went back to the gyno and we decided to do the Ablation. By the time the day of the procedure  came along, I wasn’t even spotting anymore, but my pain was awful. I felt like my uterus and all down my legs were under a tremendous amount of pressure. I thought maybe it was my bladder though. However, after the Ablation, all that pressure went away. It affected my bowls and my ability to empty my bladder completely finally.

After that, the only thing I noticed was that  my hot flashes, mood swings, sensitivity, fatigue and just not feeling right was getting really bad. So, that is where the hormone therapy came in. So, I haven’t even spotted since a while before the Ablation, and I haven’t bled since End of January. Was I on my way into menopause all this time?

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