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I am officially on Hormone therapy

I can’t wait until more people find my blog so others will be sharing their “Female Situations” too lol. I know I haven’t really tried enough yet.

Monday the 16th of July 2012, I went back to my gyn and we discussed in-depth about Hormone Therapy. I guess that is what it is called. She asked my problem symptoms, of which I told her; hot sweats, severe sensitivity, other emotional things, fatigue, headaches, lack of a restful sleep ect. So she just really gave me the Basics. I got the Estrogen patch instead of the pills. The patch is supposed to be a little safer. I have none of the risks and she said I was a perfect candidate lol.

She said I should tell the difference in just a little while. She also prescribed progesterone for just the first 7 days of each month. It keep the uterus from thinking that it is supposed to try to make a lining every month because it is confused by the Estrogen. So the progesterone stops that from happening. I have had the endometrial Ablation, so I sure didn’t want that to happen. But even if you give a woman Estrogen before she is completely passed menopause, Estrogen might try to prepare for a period.

I already feel better. But it will be a little while before I know for sure if it is the right compound. The progesterone has its benefits too, but putting them together is the most risky. That is why I won’t be taking it until September 1st.

I have also been looking into hormones that promote better eating habits  and help you as you exercise by working with your metabolism But I have only been looking and researching an hour or so this morning, so I know nothing for sure yet.

I am already feeling good and feeling hopeful that this will change my life. Just having the hope is making me more productive and making me start making plans for a better me. If you read this, pass it on. I am about to be posting on the changes that do come, both good and bad.

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