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Things keep changing

I don’t know why, but I got it mixed up and thought instead of 3 months, I would be seeing the gyn in three weeks. Then when I realized I was wrong I just about freaked out.

At first I started having the pain and inflammation, which I had told her about. Then it couldn’t have been more than 2-3 weeks after the surgery when the pinkish very lite tinge showed up a few times. The pain was getting worse. Well now I am not feeling the pain, but I am clearly spotting constantly and instead of it being pinkish, it is now more of a maroon.

I look all through the web trying to find somewhere that explains exactly what that means. But I see nothing that even comes close to anything like this stuff that is happening to me. I tell my gyn these things and she just smiles and says ” maybe you need to start on some hormones. We will work on that next time.” then gives me an appointment date for 3 months away? I know what anyone reading this is thinking, and you are right. I am getting to anal about this and I need to relax and deal with the symptoms until time for my appointment unless something major happens. I’m not a sit and wait kind of person and I pray  to God all the time to help me in that way.

I just know that it isn’t normal for all of this to happen. Also, other women don’t want to talk about their experiences. I was talking to my aunt the other day. She asked me what was going on because she heard about the surgery. I started telling her bits and pieces because I didn’t want to trap her into a long conversation. She talked about never hearing of that procedure and then mentioned that she had some problems with bleeding during her menopausal time. Then she turned to someone else and began another conversation. It took everything to stop myself from getting up and moving to a seat that blocked her from the person she had started talking to and to continue the conversation that I was definitely not finished with, especially after what she had said.  But Thank God he has taught me some self-control.  I know what the only solution there is for me, I will just have to call in a week or so and reschedule my appointment to an earlier date, like a couple of weeks.


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