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Post-OP appt

Ok, Today was my Post-op appointment with my gynecologist. I have been really looking forward to it because I wanted to hear what her thoughts were on how well she thought  it went and what the chance there was that I could go through this again.

I was so sleepy, and I had to wait forever by the time I went back. For some reason what she told me got a bit mumble jumbled in my head. But what I think I heard was that I had an abnormal shaped uterus, which I knew I only had half, but it is a Unicornuate uterus – a banana shaped uterus with a single horn. A terrible environment  to carry a growing baby. Also a terrible  place to do a successful Hysteroscopy for an endometrial Ablation. Which includes inserting the wand and when heating passing it along the uterine walls to burn the lining. But if the uterus is misshapen, getting all of it would be very difficult.  She said normally the bleeding and the pain would end in a normal situation about 80-90% of the time. But that I had about a 40% chance.

Her next idea instead of Hysterectomy is hormone therapy. Which I have heard so many bad things about those. She said the hormone therapy used with hysterectomy are much more risky that what I would be treated with. I didn’t know what to say but she said to see how well this works and gave me an appointment for three months but told me that if anything happened like bleeding or pain, to come on back whenever.

I feel a little down because of  the results.  I said I would rather just get the hysterectomy because I am timed of all this. But I guess hormonally it could be a lot harder on me at first. I am really tired of feeling so irritated, and impatient. It is getting worse and worse. NOt being able to sleep or sleep soundly when I do sleep. Just not being like me. Also the fear every day that I am going to have pain again. But I  thank God for her because she is trying her best to do the right thing. She was really pleased that I had not bled at all since the surgery and said it was a good sign. It’s all about wait and see!!!

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