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Last Summer!!

A lot of changes happened to me last year around the spring and then it kept going all through the summer and fall. It started with a lot of good changes in my thinking and clearing of my mind and heart. I guess I started caring more about myself and I began exercising every day. Me and my dog Sasha would get up early every morning and walk/jog around the neighborhood. I just felt so free and limber. I felt young again.

At that same time, I was noticing that my cycle was getting farther and farther  apart. It went from every 4 weeks to every 6 and finally is was 8 and I started to think maybe my period days were numbered.

But in the beginning of December, the flood came! I just started out of nowhere and I bleed hard. My whole life I was a really lite  bleeder. Along  with  this came awful cramping in my lower abdomen, my lower back and my legs too. Like it was all inflamed or something.

So I went to a gyno, It was a new one because I  hadn’t really had one. She was from India, but I thought she was great and she could speak very understandable english.  unfortunately, She was moving back to India to practice there. So  I was given another Indian woman who was so nice but I couldn’t understand a word.

So far, they had done an ultrasound, an MRI and some blood work. Then they had given me a depovera shot to stop my bleeding. It was supposed to stop it  for three months and then I come back and get another one. Well in six weeks, I started bleeding again. Cramps weren’t so bad. This time I bleed just a little at a time.

When I came back after the three months were up, I got an American Woman. I am not prejudice, it was just a matter where it was so important to me that I understand the doctor and that she understands me. Anyway, I love Dr. Preston my new gyno. The first thing she said was that this was my hormones and that I was probably starting through the change with complications. She thought that the best thing to do was give me a Hysterscopy and an endometrial Ablation. I will look those up and post the definitions after I finish this blog.  So she scheduled me for surgery and that was about a week and a half ago.

This morning (mostly because I decided to start back on diet pills) I felt I could once again go out with the dog this morning and do our routine. We did it but a lot slower than we used to lol. I had no pain. But tiny amounts of reddish tint on the toilet paper a couple of times since the walk.

My appointment for post -op is on June 11th. That is when I will find out how she thinks it went. If it didn’t work, she said that I would have to go about an hour and a half away to get a hysterectomy. I’m deformed down in there. I have the left side of my uterus, my left tube and the left ovary, and on the right side I have nothing except, my right kidney. Yes, it is in my pelvis. So my doctor said she wouldnt even attempt to try to give it to me. I would have to go away where I can get a pelvic specialist to perform the surgery. So that is where I am at now.

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