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Womens Liberation Movement

I don’t post in this blog very often but I think this is my random rant place lol. I already rambled through my opinion on someone elses blog whose’ subject was feminism. I am a woman. I am 46 yrs old, so I wasn’t among the women who felt they were suffering which brought on the idea of The  Womens  Liberation Movement. But I have seen the consequences of it.

Women wanted to prove that they could do anything a man could do. They could  work they’re corporate jobs, leave their children and go to Iraq for six months or a year and leave the kid with the dad or the aunt or someone. They feel proud to serve our country. But they wouldn’t feel as proud to raise their own kids? If it is that important, I don’t understand why it can’t wait till the kids has gotten to know mom a little and maybe can drive and make their own money.

Women wanted to be independent of men. But the men better open the door for them and pull out their chair. Woman may have insisted on paying the bill a few times for the night out but that got old soon.

A man goes to college to get a great degree and is qualified for top job at any company. But every time he goes for an interview, it is with a woman and he is intimidated by her judgement of him and the sizing of him up and down. He hopes he gets the job because he has a wife and they just found out that she is pregnant with their first child. He needs the job desperately. Meanwhile the woman having the interview works so she can have her own spending money to shop with and get what she wants even though her husband has managed to hold down a corporate job.

This is what has happened to the work force. Since women insist on being counted as minority which means they automatically get in on a percentage. They do whatever  they have to do to get jobs that men could get to support their families.  I think it isn’t the ability to work that women get off on, it just the thought that they took some mans job and they are doing it just as well (so they think). They have about seven days per month that they are clumsy, crampy, irratle and not up to par. Then there are more appointments, the emotional problems that they just can’t come to work that day. Beside that, face it, women don’t handle stress as well as men in a high stress work environment.

Why can’t, if a woman wants or needs to work, let the men have their jobs back if they have families to support. Housewives, single women and those who really need more income should be able to be content with  the average job if the  fancy and impressive jobs aren’t available. There are many jobs without a corporate name on it that pay good money.

I know it seems like I am saying all this to say that women are dumb and aren’t worthy of the corporate jobs. I am not saying that.   I am saying that women have skills that cause them to be perfect for a lot of jobs that men can not do, or at least not as good as a woman. a puzzle pieces have to be where they fit the best so that the picture is clear and perfect. We all have our place.  Other genders places are not necessarily your place. Besides everything I’ve said, are you really a lot more stressed trying to do a job just because a man can do it? You can do it, but you are making your life miserable.

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