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Sense of humor


I wonder what kind of sense of humor I have, or even if I do have one. Off the top of my head I can think of a few things that I definitely do find funny.





There are some other things that I find funny, entertaining, amusing and




Humorous. I can not help but laugh if a friend is telling about an event or story

and they get their words all mixed up. I think it is funny to see mistakes period.

But of course in a nice way, about things we can all laugh about, not AT.

I like some of the cat pictures going around, I said  some.



This is the first picture of a 

collection of things that I do 

not think are funny at all. 

Some or all are very popular

people who many people love

to laugh at and imitate. 

imitation is not usually 

very funny to me either. I

have never been a fan of slap

stick comedy at all. I think

it is just stupid.

 Any thing this guy does is not funny but annoying.

Just barely bearable.

The Office, to me is just plain old boring and weird.

realized the obvious, that I enjoy a laugh at others expense. I just can’t help it. I do not consciously want people to fail when they are speaking or walking around and so on. I just think it is funny if they do trip up. Anyway, The question I am asking is;  Do I not have a sense of humor? why do those “humorous” Blogs  have like 50 comments with each post with more “funny stuff” people have to add to this humor? I have a sarcastic sense of humor. Maybe a warped sense of humor, or a sinister sense of  humor. Then there is the possibility that I am just out of it.  That’s probably what it is right there.

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