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My first post!!

I have a small house I rent in Kentucky. I hate Kentucky but I have lived in this house for almost eleven years. I rent it now but if I manage to still be here after fifteen years. I can buy it through special financing. I am disabled, and draw social security benefits. Before you judge, I worked many long hours for many years while I raised my two children on my own. I have a truck my dad let me “have”. and that is it for material things. Before you think it is a pity party, let me tell you, I don’t want anything more. I am not a material person.

I love my animals and grandanimals that my kids have left here for me to raise. I have a grown Son I’m very proud of who lives in Nashville and a grown daughter who lives about an hour and a half north of me  also in Kentucky. She is married. I am proud of her also . She is very creative and talented in art, jewelry, crafts, cosmetology and sewing. There dad is in Florida. That is where I lived before getting stuck here. I am very content with my house, my yard, my animals, and my family and that is all I need. My mind is not how it should be, but I have come to terms with that. Writing has helped recharge my brain a lot and I am grateful  for the progress. One of the things I am writing is a journal that is sort of practice for an autobiography that I hope to publish soon. That journal is private except for close friends I have gotten to know on my other blog. I can’t believe how good my memory is improving. Thank God for spell check though lol. Well enough for now. I haven’t yet figured out where this blog is going to fit in my blogging schedule yet but I will return!


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